Resist American Imperialism! – In Syria and Around the World!

Tonight, on the 13th of April, the imperial coalition of the Americans, French, and British led a missile strike on the cities of Damascus and Homs in Syria. This blatant aggression has done nothing more than damage the peace process in Syria and help the reactionary militants of ISIS and the imperial running dogs of the FSA. All of this is due to the people and leadership of Syria refusing to tow the line of the imperialists in Washington. It is because of this resistance that Washington has placed allegations of chemical weapons use on the government of Bashar al-Assad. Not only have these allegations not been independently verified but, the independent commission of the OPCW is in Syria at the time of these strikes. The imperialists have learned from Iraq that they must strike before independent commissions can disprove their false claims! These strikes have also come only a mere days after President Donald Trump claimed that the US would be pulling away from Syria. The sudden contradiction stems from the fact that the US must counter Russian interests at all costs. Make no mistake, Syria is a proxy between two imperialist camps. The only people hurt by this aggression are the people of Syria and all peace-loving people of the world. American aggression and foreign policy have consistently proven themselves the enemy of all working and oppressed people. It only serves the bourgeois class and those that seek to profit from war. The hardline American exceptionalism that exudes from the establishment is an affront to peace and a return to the cold war policies that threatened peace on this planet for decades!

If war were to break out, it will not be the children of politicians or millionaires dying for imperialist exploitation. It will be working people, forced to fight their fellow human beings so that the economic and political interests of the few can be secured. The masses of the people of the Earth must resist the imperial proxy war in Syria and condemn US involvement or any involvement of imperial powers. The exploitation of the Syrian Civil War, just as imperial exploitation of any conflict or people, is a slap in the face to peace and justice in the world! The United States could not be content with an unfavourable regime in Syria so they have resorted, as they always do, to exerting military force and control to subdue dissent. The US shall continue to ride around as a roughshod bandit, ensuring the destruction of peace and progress in the world. It is our job to resist this and condemn it! We cannot be complacent while our government destroys peace and hands the reactionaries victories! While the current government in Syria is not desirable, we must stand by the Syrian people’s will for peace! We must stand by the Kurdish people’s will for peace! Peace dies when the people are complacent and that must never happen! Unless it is death, destruction, and oppression that you want to govern the world; resist US imperial ambitions! Do not fall into the trap of reactionary American exceptionalism! Smash it!

Uphold Peace! Smash Imperialism!

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