Tactics of Anti-Fascist Resistance

The modern world faces revolutionaries with many reactionary ideas. Ideas such as racism, fascism, sexism that attempt to hinder the progress of society. The question arises: How do we solve this issue? Some say that the people know better, but history shows us otherwise. Some believe that the fight against reaction can be done through debate and while this is partially true, it is not the only thing that must be done. The solution I, amongst many others, see is a combination of both direct and ideological resistance. To defeat reaction we must tell people why it is wrong but also directly combat those who would march on our streets professing reactionary ideas. This solution is important today more than ever in the past 20 years due to the fact that the forces of reaction are beginning to rear their ugly heads once more. We must not sit down while fascists march down our streets. We must protect progress and destroy those who would hinder the revolution of the masses.

The solutions I expressed in the introduction are rather vague ideas that can be interpreted in many ways. In fact, many others have set their own definitions for these ideas and concepts and use them. I would say that the purpose of these terms is to be vague, how resistance takes shape and is put into practice varies depending on the place and the material conditions. That being said, I can only offer the definition of the terms as I see them in my life. Nothing is totally universal in applicability and all revolutionary ideology must leave room to be shaped by an ever-changing world. How revolutionaries react to the world will determine how it changes or how it doesn’t. Those who hold ideas must be able to update them in order to maintain a current mass base and not devolve into dogmatism and obsoleteness. This rule is fundamental in instituting a radical change in a society and it is the rule I follow.

When I say “direct resistance” I mean the physical combatting of reactionary ideas in the streets. This means counter-protesting, disrupting rallies and speeches, and destroying things that promote their ideas. This can include violent action but, that is never the first choice. Violence is only to be used when no other alternative can be used effectively. These actions require discipline which I see many of my comrades have a substantial lack of. Movements are very fractured and do not hold to one specific line and if they do, it is incorrect or reactionary itself. Discipline requires a structured movement, which we do not have. What we do have however is a common goal. This goal is the cornerstone. Through a common goal or idea, the foundations of a revolutionary party can be built. In the past, this has proven itself true and can be done again. This common goal does not complete the task of party building, it only lays the foundations but it is the best start. What arises is the problem of a lack of mass base and support, at least in the US, to the cause of anti-fascism. The bourgeois variant of free speech that has been touted by the United States has led to a population resistant and uneasy with direct action against reaction. This can be changed but requires more organisation than we currently have.

Solving the question of organisation is difficult. Even with the common goal, it has proven hard to unify the vastly different ideologies of the left into a truly unified force. We have done better than our reactionary counterparts but, we still have a long ways to go. The movement has many roaders and movementists that only seek to find power or exploit true revolutionary activism for their own personal gain. These people must be rooted out but again, that requires more organisation than we already have. So, the solution to all this is to build a truly revolutionary party, a vanguard, that can determine ideological doctrine, serve and gauge the masses, organise mass movement and protest, and keep the ranks of the movement from being hijacked. These ideas have all been outlined by comrades before me and while their attempts failed (not due to any fault of their own mostly), it can be done and is being done in other parts of the world. Through the concept of a vanguard party, things can be done much faster and more efficiently as long as the party is kept in check by both its own ranks and the revolutionary masses. The vanguard is not above the people, it is the people. It is made of the people and guides them. With a vanguard established the problems of fascism and counter-revolution can be dealt with correctly. Only through a united front can we succeed.

Ideological resistance can be governed by three basic principles: education, agitation and organisation. Education is the spreading of class-conscious ideas to the masses and expanding upon them. Agitation is the combatting of reactionary ideas and the promotion of mass action against them. Organisation is the active facilitating of action against counter-revolution and reaction. These principles allow for movements to successfully promote the correct ideas, defeat the opposition, and build mass support. All of these are done in a number of ways. Education can be done while serving the people. Providing basic services and needs to those disenfranchised by the current economic system builds trust. Through these programmes, we can also provide ideological education. Hand out blankets and books. This allows the masses to learn and become conscious of the oppression that keeps us all in chains. Education is also done through the publishing of written works. Pamphlets on action and ideology are key materials at functions and should be produced en masse. Informing people is key and is one of the first steps in building a movement. These pamphlets should be informative and tell the truth about the system. We never lie to the people.
Education stems right into agitation. Political agitation is used to combat opposition and promote action. The reactionaries are to be smashed aggressively and this requires the people to be educated on what is reactionary. Works about this should highlight the enemy and why they are wrong about what they do. Showing the history of reactionary ideologies is key. Do not let the fascists erase their past and do not let capitalists hide their bloody nature. We, however, do not have to always rely on history to disavow reactionary ideas for, we can prove why they are wrong with their policies. Disproving their economics, social policy and general notions of society is very easy and is key in both education and agitation. Proving why they are wrong and showing why they are evil allows the promotion of action. Flyers and posters that tell people to take action are key to this. Fiery language and strong words are key. Powerful oration and language will inspire and the truth will bolster it further. This leads to organisation.

Organisation is a concept involved in both direct and ideological resistance. Organisation means the holding of rallies, talks, protests, meetings and services. Through these actions, we can resist. The goal of these can differ depending. Some rallies may be about a protest the next day and promote direct physical action. Some may also be about education and promotion of ideas or celebrating party successes. It is relative but, in most cases, it will be a mixture. Larger functions can serve a wide variety of purposes while smaller ones tend to focus more on one aspect. Smaller functions are more intimate and provide a greater opportunity to educate people on basic socialist and Marxist principles to a further degree than on the street at a protest. Through organisation we can resist both directly and ideologically, sometimes simultaneously and this makes it one of, if not the, most important concepts to know when trying to change things.

The ideas presented are solutions as I see them. I tried to be as universal as I could and I hope that I have but only time will tell. The world changes constantly. Public opinion changes constantly. We can go from feeling extremely content with the system to hating it and that is how it is supposed to be. The system we live in constantly wants us to be complacent but, we never should be. We should always question and resist what is wrong and promote what is right. We should strive for a better world. We are all human beings and must care for one another. To truly care, we must defeat reactionary ideas. We must combat them effectively. Learn from Italy, Germany, Spain, and Portugal and make sure fascism never sees another day in power. This is the goal for all reasonable human beings because anti-fascism is common sense.

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